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Bleeding after sex: causes and treatments suggested by escort

Bleeding after sex worries a lot of women and there are several reasons for bleeding after you had sex, if you are concerned then cheap escorts prefer to get a medical checkup for Bleeding after sex to reduce the symptoms and get proper treatment if required.

Treatment depends on your medical history and symptoms you are having during that time.

Causes of bleeding after sex

Bleeding after sex can be due to normal issues or it can also be a sign of any big problem. Cheap escort professionals explained the possible causes of Bleeding after sex:-


  • Injury:- Injury is the most common cause of bleeding after sex, injury can be from anything like friction due to low lubrication cause small tears in the vagina, Childbirth can also cause tears, and during intercourse rupturing of hymen also cause bleeding. These symptoms are not dangerous and getaway within 2-3 days.


  • Infections:- Infections cause inflammation in the vagina resulting in high vulnerability to damages which can cause bleeding after intercourse.


  • Diseases:- Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs can also cause bleeding as these diseases affect the genitals and vaginal area making it prone to damage and infections during intercourse.


  • Vaginal dryness:- Vaginal dryness is the basic reason for bleeding as skin becomes prone to damages. There can be many reasons for vaginal dryness which include Ovary damage, Child Birth, Medications, Engagement to penetration before arousal, menopause, etc.


  • Bleeding disorders:- Bleeding disorders can result in bleeding after sex and are caused by several diseases and blood-thinning medicines.


  • Periods:- When you are going through periods or your periods just get over and you have intercourse, there is a slight chance of bleeding after that and that’s normal.


  • Genital sores:- Genital sores is another cause of bleeding and can occur due to Herpes and other likely diseases.


  • Cancer:- Bleeding in some rare cases can be a sign of any medical condition or cancer, thus if bleeding becomes serve or it feels abnormal then please consult with a medical specialist and take proper treatment.


Treatments suggested by escorts for bleeding after sex


Bleeding after sex is common but in some rare situation can be a symptom of any disease or cancer, thus you should get proper medical checkup and treatment if required. There are several treatments suggested by las vegas cheap escorts for bleeding, these are:-


  • For vaginal dryness, use of vaginal moisturizer and lubricants before intercourse is recommended.
  • Take proper antibiotics for infections to reduce symptoms and cure infections.
  • Surgical removal and electrocautery in the case of cervical ectropion.
  • Surgery or therapy for cancer.
  • Low dose estrogen therapy for hormonal imbalances.


Following these steps and taking proper precautions can reduce the causes and symptoms of vaginal bleeding after sex.

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