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What’s the Average Penis Size?

It’s easy to get carried away by the size of a man’s penis. In fact, most men only consider their penis size while they’re erect. However, what’s the average penis length when the penis is soft? In one study, researchers looked at 20 studies, each with at least 50 participants. In all, they evaluated 15,521 males. The men’s penis sizes were measured from the pubic bone to the tip. Those who wanted to learn more about their penis size could order condoms from mail.

There is no single answer to the question “Whats the average penis size?” Fortunately, there are many other measures of male sexuality. A survey conducted by DrEd found that over half of men who responded to the survey were satisfied with their partner’s penis size and girth. Despite this, most men said that their ideal penis was 1.5 inches longer than their actual length. This is actually a very small difference.

In another study, researchers measured penile length in 80 men. The average penis length was 8.8 centimeters while it was erect. They did not find any correlation between penis size and hand size, and it’s not clear whether there’s a correlation between penis size and race. Regardless, most men have a penis that’s an inch or less over the average. If you’re worried about your penis’ size, talk to your healthcare provider.

Despite the numerous myths and studies surrounding the subject, the average penis size is just under seven inches. It’s actually quite short. And men are probably the biggest critics of penis size! Some men have an unusually large penis, while others have smaller ones. If you’re curious about the average penis size, you’re in luck. There is no one standard penis length, and you can make sure yours is perfectly proportional to the rest of your body.

There are several factors to consider when deciding what’s the average penis size is. The average flaccid penis is a 6.3-inch long man. The 5th percentile is around three-and-a-half centimeters. A man’s erect penis is around four and a half inches long. While there is no correlation between length and erectness, both of these factors are important for satisfying sexual intercourse.

While the average penis size isn’t a perfect measure of a man’s penis size, many men still worry about their penis’ size. The British Journal of Urology International has published a study which found that the average penis is 3.61 inches in length, while the erect version is five inches. In both cases, however, a man’s erect penis has the same length as his flaccid penis.


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